India’s ability to make progress in building infrastructure is critical for it to sustain high growth rates. India would need to more than double its electricity capacity, increase its length of roads by half, and add sustainability to its railways, irrigation and ports to keep pace with economic growth.

Through our manufacturing capabilities we aim at providing an integrated solution whilst offering innovative, sustainable, high-quality electrical infrastructure that enable our clients  to deal efficiently and consistently in a cost- effective manner with a heightened sense of environmental responsibility.

At Transmission line manufacturer | Zordor Industries, we have in-house facilities to design and  test towers including Destruction Test.  Our integrated state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D facilities include advanced CNC machines and a galvanizing plant to produce high-quality towers and structures.

We couple these capabilities with our industry best practices and ability to rapidly scale projects across geographic regions and climates to provide our customers with certainty of outcome. The underlying motive of our manufacturing capabilities is to enable our clients derive greater productivity and profitability.

Also, we manufacture Insulator String Fittings, Conductor Accessories, Vibration and Spacer Dampers, Clamps and Connectors, Corona Control Rings, Forged Fittings, Arcing Devices, Yoke Plates, Earth Wires Accessories, and Suspension Fittings. We have supplied these accessories globally. Our products are tested at each stage and developments are closely monitored.

Today, our well equipped facilities and modern management techniques allow us to manufacture and supply precision engineered range of galvanized steel lattice structures for transmission and communication towers. Further, the company’s commitment towards producing superior quality products & never our quest for improvisation through innovative R&D has also enabled us to maintain highest standards in all the departments, thus ensuring quality end solutions.

We undertake low, high and very high voltage projects and we have the capacity to carry out projects of all types always adapting to the needs of our customers. At Zordor Industries, the R&D Team has brought a revolutionary family of connectors, the Easewej. Transmission line manufacturer | Zordor Industries

Easewej is a family of bolt-less power connectors, ideally suited for hostile weather conditions and heavily loaded electrical networks. It is a non-tension connector, suitable for voltage grades from 1.1kV to 400kV, with applications in substations and transmission & distribution networks.