Spacer Dampers Manufacturer in Bihar

There are different types of Spacer Dampers available at Zordor Industries, a well-known Spacer Damper Manufacturer in Bihar. The Spacer Dampers at Zordor Industries come with many features such as

  • They maintain the design spacing between subconductors under normal service conditions.
  • They preserve mechanical elastic and damping properties over the entire service temperature range and for the expected lifetime of the line.
  • These Spacer dampers at Zordor Industries are maintenance-free for the whole lifetime of the line.
  • They maintain a suitable clamp grip and prevent clamp loosening by means of a safety plate and a Belleville washer.
  • Also, they control the levels of Aeolian vibration and subspan oscillation within the accepted safety limits.

Our Transmission Line Spacer Dampers in Bihar are given all the essential features that should be in it to make it the best Spacer Damper in terms of performance. You can contact us anytime if you need any kind of Transmission line products at the best industrial prices.

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